Lazy, 2010

Ayakaya Productions, Sense of Sound
Director, producer, animator & editor: Ayala Sharot

Lazy is an animated music video I made for British vocal artist Juliet Russell. A fantasy antidote to a busy life. A woman decides that her life can do without her for one day. Her bed transports her to a magical river, surrounded by singing flowers, birds, butterflies and jumping fish. An old style cut out animation turning into a psychedelic fantasy.

Foreigners, 2006

Ayakaya Productions
Director, producer, animator & editor: Ayala Sharot

Foreigners is an animated documentary about foreigners who live in London. The film, which is based on interviews with ten young people from all over the world who live in the city, pieces together vignettes from multiple points of view that reveal London as an international metropolis which is both exciting and alienating. The interviews suggest a fresh look on contemporary English culture, and raise more fundamental questions about cultural differences and human nature.

Foreigners was screened in film festivals around the world (DOK Leipzig, Animafest Zagreb, London International Animation Festival and more) and was later adapted to a short piece for MTV and Onedotzero's MTV Bloom.
...and here's Foreigners' page on IMDB.